The Benefits

The Benefits

(What I offer that traditional agencies wont)

  • No percentage agency fees. My overheads are low, No fancy chairs here.
  • You'll get Director level experience 100% of the time, you'll always deal with me
  • Best Value Pricing. There is huge bargaining power in being 'agency deal free', and with my contacts, I will deliver excellent value.
  • Complete Transparency. You will know exactly where we will be spending and which buying routes we are using, nothing will be hidden.
  • 'No to Low' late approval fees. Traditional agencies make a lot of money when brands come to market late. A good buyer can get out of these charges, but they still pass on the penalty to their clients. I will pass on every saving to you.
  • Flexibility within campaigns. If there are elements of a plan you want to amend or don't want at all, I'll amend straight away.
  • Media channel agnostic. Your plan will be based on the best outcome for your business, rather than what's best for an agency.

The Reality of Media Agency Promises

Let me start by saying that the agency model is set up to look after the biggest clients in its roster, where the majority of their money is made.

When an agency boasts of giving you the cheapest pricing in the market, they are talking about putting you into the 'pre-agreed' agency deal. What they don't tell you is that they will have to place you in inappropriate media, channels, placements, in order to get you that pricing.


Why Media Agencies Stifle the Growth of Small Businesses

The success of a media agency depends on meeting the agency deal commitment with a media owner. There are huge penalties for them if they do not meet the spends in certain places as agreed. So, they use your budget, as a newcomer, to fill in the gaps on the inventory that remains.

As a result, you are given poor quality, your customers are less likely to see your ads but another way of looking at it, is to say that as a small business, you are penalised.